Wednesday, September 18, 2013

4th of July with fellow Americans and a couple brits.

Another 4th far away from America... but another great year with friends, lots of red/white/blue and fireworks... and thanks for my friend Meredith we had an awesome "American song" play list.

Just love tradition... and remembering that Freedom is not Free.

The past few months Pierce has learned how to dribble a ball... he is so proud of his accomplishment.

He can even shoot...his height finally pays off.

Here is the honorary grandparent... Asher loves Mr. Greg and his glasses.


A great group making more memories.

The kids even got to make homemade ice cream again (in a plastic bag)

A little sweaty... 

The big boys were in charge of setting up the fire works... last year we did them one at a time and got in trouble... so this year we wanted to set them all up and give it one big go... better to ask for forgiveness than permission RIGHT?

It was a great show... that's me and Asher at the bottom... I was holding his ears tight... he was not so sure about what was going on.

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