Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ulsan Soccer Camp...

The first week of summer P had soccer camp for 5 days... it was a great way to start the summer but boy was it hot.  This was the first time they had summer soccer camp and it was a huge success.  The coaches were outstanding and we really could tell a big difference on P soccer skills from the first day to the last day.  They would do drills and play games all day in the sun with a lunch break and many water breaks.

All these shots were taken on the second day of camp... he was really making contact with the ball and showing some improvement.  He definitely got the short end of the stick when it comes to speed (mine and daddy's fault) but he did really well not getting discouraged when some of the girls were running circles around him.

The coach told him to stay back and yell "I'm open I'm open".... 

If they don't hear you... just jump up and down.

Us moms brought a mid afternoon snack... so the first day I brought watermelon and taught the kids how to have a watermelon seed spitting contest... more fun.

Side cramp he had to sit down for a bit... that's a lot of running.

Back in and ready to go...

Making more contact and not afraid to get in it... makes daddy so proud.

The kids would start the morning at the school pitch and then around lunch time they would walk to the pitch you see in all the pictures.  The walk is a bit of a long one probably about 10-15 blocks and includes 2 large hills... so the kids had a lot of time to talk and SING... they made up this song and put on a little show for us after practice.

At the end of the session each day, each coach would talk about how everyone did great and things to work on and then they each would award the player of the day.
Coach Lyle gave Pierce player of the day for all his efforts and emphasized on one note that there was one time he got hurt (got the wind knocked out of him) and took a breather and then got back in the game and was proud of his dedication to the game.  Great job Pierce.

Pierce's buddy Jacob also got one... buds for life.

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