Friday, September 13, 2013

His teacher got married

The first fun of summer was Pierce's teachers wedding...Mr. Milford got married and they had a traditional Korean wedding at a temple which was beautiful... very hot but beautiful.  Mr. Milford had invited all his "kids" and we were happy to join in the festivities.  A memorable day for sure.

Where does he get those lips???

In a traditional Korean wedding both the bride and groom ride in separate chariots that are carried by family or friends.  The guy below in the white outfit is also a teacher at Pierce's school... who plays hockey with daddy.. 

The bride and groom duking under the tent... those are some head pieces...

This was one hot little boy...

The wedding was beautiful and since most was in Korean we did not understand what was going on... but they bowed A LOT.

Aren't they cute?

Pierce was wonderful at the wedding... he was so interested in what was going on he stayed close to the action.  Even Mr. Milford said he had never seen Pierce so still.

The bride and groom parents...

Pictures in the traditional Western wedding attire.

And the food... it was amazing... so yummy and beautiful

Even had octopus on the menu which P enjoyed...
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Jacquie Von Hohn said...

How fun! I don't think I would do well eating in S. Korea...the fruit looked yummy...but the seafood...yuck!


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