Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lost another one... #2

Pierce lost another tooth...June 27th 2013 to be exact. This time he was at school (again) and a friend had taught him how to twist the loose tooth in a circle formation (not wiggle back and forth) and sure enough it came out.  He was so proud that he was so brave and did it.  His first permanent tooth has already grown in a bit so it only looks like he is missing one tooth in the pics but it is his second... our little man just going through the milestones.

Pierce has made several comments about the tooth fairy not being real (here and there) but when it comes down to the "right time" he did mention I hope she leaves me money and a small note.  He actually said this time I would what she is going to make the money in the shape of this time... well that is one little crafty tooth fairy... don't you think?
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