Friday, August 3, 2012

At the hospital...

Well I write this as I sit in the hospital the night before we meet Asher. The practice here in Korea is that you check in the night before and you get lots of test run and hopefully a good nights rest under their care.

We are so thankful for many things that god has provided: a great hospital with wonderful smart staff/doctors, a translator that is helping out for free, my parents are here to help and support, pierce seems to be adjusting well, my nerves are settled and feeling peace about it all, family and friends around the world that are praying and supporting us, Blake has a connection at the office to the head nurse here at the hospital who is so kind to keep checking on us, and a very sweet husband who not only made me a playlist to listen to in recovery but who is a huge support through all of this.
Thank you God for always taking care of all the details and giving us a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Here is what happens tomorrow as we understand it: So tomorrow morning I need to be ready by 6am for my IV and then the waiting begins. Family ahold arrive with translator an photographer at 8am and then at 8:45 I will go to operating room and the doctor says we should have Asher in our arms by 9:10am. At that time I will be put to sleep so they can sew me up and then off to recovery until I wake up. Asher will immediately go see his daddy and then taken to the nursery. After recovery time i will be sent to my room where family will be waiting and I will be required to lie flat for 6 hours. Once in room Asher will be with us as well and I am sure there will be lots of pictures at that time.

We r so excited and wish all of you could be with us. Thanks for your prayers we feel them.


The Reiersons said...

Early congrats Denton family and especially to big brother Pierce! Much love from across the pond -
The Reiersons :-)

Allison Volpe said...

We can't wait!! Love & prayers from Texas!!!
Love, Kevin & Allison Volpe

Anonymous said...

So exciting!!!! Can't wait! We love you!
Kara Hobbs


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