Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Asher's "Birth"day!

Sorry about the wait... we have been a little busy... HE HE HE.  I actually did not realize I left you waiting to see pics of our little man until a friend "gently" reminded me... so here he is...

Asher John Denton
04AUG 09:21 weighing 8lbs and 8ounces 20.3inches long

Can't remember where I left off in my story so I will start with his cry... I am singing "Jesus Loves Me" and I feel lots of tugging and movement and then I hear his cry and tears fill my eyes.  If you are a mom you know how important that first cry is... and the feeling you get when you hear it... it is like at that moment my heart is filled with so much love that it could burst but at the same time my whole body relaxes and feels at peace.  Soon after the cry (I am remembering now I already wrote about some of this) I got to see him wrapped up in a blanket and then he was off and the drugs knock me out.  I don't remember much after that until I get to my room and find myself waiting (not so patiently) to hold my baby.  I knew that I would miss the moments when Blake and the rest of the family got to meet Asher for the first time so we asked the photographer to stick around and capture the moment... Here are some pics of when Asher was introduced to his daddy, big brother, ViVi and Grandad.

Blake was asked to go to a private room first (by himself but with photographer) to see Asher and to cut his umbilical cord (we did not ask to do this but a nice surprise).  I love these pics... Blake looks so happy and one proud daddy of another Denton boy.

Foot print time... I would have never known this was done unless I had seen these pics... I have no idea where that piece of paper is... maybe on file at the Korean Embassy... :-)

After daddy got to hold Asher they headed to the hallway to meet Big Brother Pierce, ViVi and Grandad (for a second before heading off to the nursery).  Blake comments that all of this was so fast and all a blur... knowing how they do things in the hospital I can imagine that this whole introduction was very turn key.  The next pics are of Pierce getting to touch his baby brother but as soon as he saw the blood/white stuff he was not so excited about touching him.  Even today Pierce will ask me if the blood he saw was from him or me... hopefully this moment did not scar him for life... he he he.  It did take a couple of days for Pierce to realize that Asher had been cleaned and was ok to touch and hold.

Here I am sure Pierce is commenting about the "stuff" on Asher.. and why and what is it...

After the quick introduction... they went back to waiting... Asher had to be checked out and I was still in surgery... Pierce was back on the ipad and Grandad was downloading the pics (which was a good idea bc you can imagine as soon as I was out of surgery and awake I would want to see them.)

More pics and videos to come... we are so thankful that Asher is healthy and finally here.

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Jacquie Von Hohn said...

so sweet - excited that baby Asher is finally here!


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