Saturday, August 25, 2012

2 days old...

After a good nights rest (well sort of) we were ready to face day 2... I remember waking up (really stiff) and thinking is it really true... Asher is here... it was and could not be any happier.  Blake stayed at the hospital with me and ViVi/GD/Pierce came a little before lunch to see us and hang out.  When Pierce showed up there was a present waiting for him from his little brother...  A set of walkie-talkies... something he has always wanted and since they were illegal in Singapore we thought this would be a great gift from Asher to his big brother.  They can not use them yet but it will happen before we know it... in the meantime Pierce has a good time playing with them with his daddy.  They even went for a walk about 10 blocks away and they still worked... this is a great gift for a kid that "never stops talking".

Now it is time to get our hands on baby Asher... He is so loved.

Pierce is still kind of grossed out by the image yesterday when Asher had not been cleaned yet... so Day 2 he was still not really interested in holding him and getting to close... we had to show him that he was clean and ok to hold and love on.

We had arranged with the hospital to bring Asher to us at 9am and then we would take him back to the nursery at 9pm.  Having the baby in the room is really rare (that we could tell).  We had to get them to agree to our arrangement prior to having the baby.  The norm would be for the baby to stay in the nursery and the mom and family would visit the baby during certain hours and there was a nursing time as well where you could sit in a room with other new moms and nurse all at the same time.  They would play music and provide boppies.  I will have to write about that later... a very enlightening moment for me the one time I went to the nursing room.

Day 2 I felt a lot better than Day 1... so I got to hold Asher a lot more and nurse him... I was still on a liquid diet and was not allowed to shower (so my hair was greasy and I am sure I was not smelling to good).

I just could not get enough kisses. 

 Day 2 was a little rough bc this is when my catheter was taken out and I was allowed to get up and down to use the restroom... and during one trip to the toilet my IV ruptured my vein in my hand... and when they came to fix it they tried to re-use the site and when they inserted the meds it made my hand grown instantly and stretch my skin and it was so painful (I look back and think about how I reacted bc of the pain and I think how crazy that was... but if I felt that much pain while on pain meds it must have been bad).  They stopped immediately and took out the IV (thank you Jesus) and they wanted to put another one in but I refused... and asked for a little time... they ended up coming back at night to put another one in.  My hand and arm hurt for almost 2 weeks.  Had to take my watch off and if anything touched my hand it hurt... but it is all better now and so thankful that was really my only complication.  

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