Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3rd day and counting...

Day 3... we were all feeling a little better and I was up and moving which was nice for a change (since my back and bottom hurt so bad from lying down).  I was already getting tired of sleeping in the hospital but I was happy for all the help and someone to look after Asher at night time.

Day 3 I was allowed to start having some food (other than seaweed soup) so Blake would sneak me in some good food and sweets.  We also got to have Asher the whole day which was so much fun and we had our first friend visitor... meet Margaret I have only known her a month or so but was introduced from a mutual friend bc both Margaret and I moved to Ulsan from Singapore... she has been an encouragement to me and I look forward to getting to know her more and more... so sweet of her to visit us in the hospital.

Pierce also got a present from his good friend Brady in Singapore... for becoming a big brother.  So sweet of them to love on him in that way... it sure did make it special for him to have a friend remember him during this time/transition... with some fun activities... Thank you Morris family... 

Daddy getting to spend some time with Pierce... I think they are both very happy... they are looking at pics of Pierce when he was a baby.

More cuddle time with ViVi and Grandad... and Pierce trying to get Grandads attention.

Grandad with his grand babies...so sweet...

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