Sunday, August 12, 2012

Answer to Prayers...

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above"  James 1:17

We have waited a long time for this day and what a journey it has been.  It all started a little over 3.5 years ago when we had a desire to add to our family.  The journey was long but as we hold our little one today we would not change a thing and he was so worth the wait.  When Pierce was 2 we started trying for another and after a year went by we decided to get a third party involved and after more prayers and waiting we ended up changing doctors after another year of waiting.  God was so gracious during this time as we watched other friends and family members have babies... God gave us peace and reassurance that He was in control and that He will always be a loving God no matter what.  With our new doctor we were starting to see little glimpses of hope and even more peace (true peace that surpasses all understanding).  And in Dec '11 we got our answer... and we were pregnant.  Thank you to everyone who has prayed and walked with us on this wonderful journey (that has just begun really).

This pregnancy has been wonderful and very similar to when we were pregnant with Pierce.  Little morning sickness, lots of growth and our biggest prayer a healthy baby.  With Pierce I had lots of water retention early on that lasted to the bitter end (and man was it bitter) but with Asher my feet would grow (with water) when I sat in a chair to long or had to much salt but that was about it.  I could even see my ankles as I was wheeled into surgery.  With this pregnancy I was not working but keeping up with Pierce and all his activities, moving countries 7 mos prego and playing tennis until 7 mos pregnant kept me busy and feeling good.  The last month of this pregnancy has been a little uncomfortable but nothing out of the normal (sleepless nights, RLS, acid reflux, sciatic nerve alert, back pain, etc... but no one is complaining).

Many of you have walked along side us during this journey and have prayed for us and we want to say thank you from the bottom of our heart.  We know that God heard your prayers and He answered.  You had a key part in our little blessing and we could never thank you enough.

For the next couple hundreds of blog entries you will get a lot more information about our new family of 4 and our new special addition so we hope you enjoy.  We are ecstatic and overwhelmed with joy but we never want to take the credit away from our one true Creator.  We wanted to hang the scripture James 1:17 above Asher's crib to remember where this gift of life came from.

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