Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What is happening this week... VBS!


We just love this week... VBS week here in Singapore at IBC... this year we are at the Saddle Ridge Ranch (cowboy theme)... if you know me you know I love VBS... it is alot of work but so worth it all.... This year they have over 200 volunteers and over 400 kids... and we are having a blast.
Here was Pierce last year at Australian Outback...
And 2008 at Outrigger Island

Pierce is still to young to take part in all the activities so he is still in the nursery having fun but so wants to be with the big kids... so when I am finished teaching I feed him a quick bite to eat and then we head out to music and assembly with the big kids... which is the highlight of his day... He so wants to be 10 so bad... When I went into the nursery today to get him he was watching the DVD with the VBS song and dance... so we went to join the big kids...

And he jumped right in and loved every minute of it... more pics to come.

Here he is sitting with the Pre-teens in the balcony during the assembly.

Do you think he likes the attention?

What a great week... 2 more days to go... and this is definitely going to be a sad one knowing that we will not be here next year... but then again I thought that last year...and we are still here... You just never know.

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Denton Family said...

Hope you and Pierce are feeling OK...Looks like another fun VBS and wonderful memories.


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