Thursday, June 24, 2010

Watching the world cup tournament...


The World Cup is huge here... I can not ever remember a time being more involved in what is going on in the world cup tournament... every where you go that has a TV, they have it set up with the game and it is packed... the games come on at night time here and most of them are played at 2:30 am... Our neighbor is from England and he loves "football"... so we decided to get together and watch last nights game with him... Since he was routing for England and we were for USA and we were not playing each other.. we had to set up 2 TV's... now this was tricky... one TV was running on the cable box and the other (not as clear) was running from a sling box in the states hook up from the computer... it was awesome... and the best part was that everyone was happy... England won and USA won... I guess we will have to plan another night like this one..

We just need a bigger couch or more sitting room (you think someone could talk to our land lord)... ???

Heaven... must be heaven... Go USA!

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