Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our home in Hakuba...

Thanks to the Unruhs and the diligence in finding the perfect place.. we made Hakuba our home for 4 days at Azekura Sanso Lodge... which was home to some staff members back in the Nagano Winter Olympics... let me give you a little tour of our home... which we shared with others but a great place if you are looking for a place to say in Nagano.
This was the view from the front porch.
As you entered you would put all your ski stuff and shoes in the appropriate holding place and then put one some leather slippers that were provided.
The family room is where we hung out alot... it was the warmest place due to the stove and is where we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner... there were lots of games for adults and children, a computer, a comfy couch and more.
Our hallway to the bedrooms... we had 3 rooms and there are a total of 6 rooms.... yes those are our bags... all of them.
This was our room... Blake and I slept on the 1st floor and Pierce slept on the loft...
Downstairs was the community bath and restrooms... here Jess is getting beautified for the day..
Before you entered the potty room you were to take off your leather slippers and put these traditional wooden slippers... they even had some for the kids.
Here is the community shower... it has been forever since i was naked in the shower room with other girls.. I guess I could have left that part out but yes we all took showers together... most night we staggered the shower time so we could have hot water... burrrr.

One of the reasons that the Unruh's picked this place was bc of the Onsen... a hot springs bath area... this is very similar to a hot tub but with natural hot spring water... it was heavenly and I think a good reason why none of us were that sore after skiing all day.
The girls in our Kimono's before going to the onsen... we walked fast...

The boys.... already in the onsen when we got there... can't hardly see them due to all the steam... but this was outside... it was that hot.

Downstairs in the cabin there was a great little game room... there were tons of toys, games, door to keep the kids in and the floor was heated... awesome.

I think Violet is the only kid that got to make a snowman this whole trip and she got to make 2 of them... great snowman... and great place to stay... I already miss the place, the people and the food...

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Cassidy said...

wow, that looks like an amazing trip. I love the little loft area and the heated floor:)


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