Saturday, March 27, 2010

Club Street Date Night...

Date Night with my sweet hubby is always nice to just sit down with each other (with no other distractions) and catch up over the usually busy week... but it is even more special when we find a new place to chill out... and we did... I have heard alot about Club Street since we got here in Singapore and finally someone at Blake's work put another bug in his ear and off we went... We had a great time... the best terrace bar is found on Club Street called the Screening Room.

Here is our pic from the night from the top of the Screening Room.
We always leave Pierce in good hands with some good food... pizza yum yum... Although he would much rather eat Sushi... Pizza will have to do... this was him when we were leaving.... he loves hanging with Cena.

And here are some pics of Club Street... loaded with restaurants, bars and some really cute shops... can't wait to go back.

I tend to lag behind checking out menu's and shopping in the windows so Blake is always waiting on me... I finally got a picture of his waiting on me.. he was not ready for the shot but this is the look I get alot when I am taking to long....:-)

I just love these shop houses... and the arches look like they will go on forever right?

The Screening Room has a lot to offer... an outdoor top floor terrace, a restaurant, and a movie (screening) room.

Here is the view from the bar at the top of the place... pretty cool...

After drinks we headed to an Italian Restaurant that was ok... but way over priced... it was another great date night.

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Jones Family said...

How often do you guys do date night? Monthly? Weekly? I can't recall how often I see a date night blog. I love it! We haven't done that in a while and it sounds soooo nice! Maybe I'll book a sitter for this weekend! Your outfit was totally cute, too! Love the funny shot of Blake waiting on you to hurry up. Hilarious!


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