Monday, November 9, 2009

SSC - Murder Mystery Night!

The Singapore Supper Club was a blast this past weekend.... Jenn and Toby Harkless were the host and they put on the best Murder Mystery Dinner Show ever... we had a blast and enjoyed making memories... still laughing at the pics.

We arrived at the MV Tipanic Cruise ship around 6:30 to find out who killed Stew Driver (the 4th engineer on board the MV Tipanic).

Just like on a real cruise we had to take photos... here is our gang... we all dressed up as our character.

Introducing the host for the night... Jen (aka Sally Shipshape the Cruise Director) and Toby (aka

Camille (aka. Fifi Galores as the Chorus Girl) and Blake (aka Walter Ski the Aussie water sports instructor)

Gillian (aka Trikki Shuffles as the croupier) and Jamey (aka Al Fresco the chef)

Melanie (aka Tilly Operator as the shop assistant) and Jacob (aka. Sylvester Stillstoned the Barman).

Jessica (aka. Wanda Lust the masseuse) and Travis (aka. Barry Glitter the entertainer and also FiFi's boss).

Jennifer (aka. Lola Lilo the pool attendant and also the girlfriend to the deceased) and Justin (aka. Captain Birdseye the Captain).

It sure was a great night of acting, laughing, getting to be someone else, getting all dressed up... but most of all letting guys be guys and the girls be girls... and I loved the feathers... and I actually had nothing to do with picking out the character... thanks Jenn for making the night memorable for all.

After alot of DRAMA... we finally found out that Barry (also named Glitter Buns by my husband) was the killer... so we of course (as dancers) had to get a pic together... with jazz hands...

I just love supper club... looking forward to Novembers... where Jessica and Travis are going to have a Thanksgiving Feast... yippeee...

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Corrie said...

Awesome -- you can never have too many jazz hands! So she told you your character and then you dressed up accordingly? That sounds like a lot of fun and a LOT of work for the host/hostess! I've never been to any kind of murder mystery thing so I'm pretty clueless...


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