Friday, November 27, 2009

Pierce loves school...

During this time of year... we are all thinking about all the things that we are thankful for... and a dear friend of mine wrote on her blog 100 things that she is thankful for (God is so good)... so she inspired me to write here about what I am thankful for.... but instead of doing 100 I want to share one of them... I am thankful that Pierce loves school... he loves it.. it is the first thing that comes out of his mouth when he wakes up... "mommy I go to school today".. and 3 days out of the week I get to say yes but the other days I usually have to say "No but we are going to do XYZ..."... He loves school... he gets dressed in the morning in his uniform and puts it on gladly, we get close to this school (whether we are walking, taking the bus or taxi) and he says... "there's my school"... he can even tell a taxi driver how to get there.... so cute.

He walks in to the house where the school is... and takes off his shoes in the driveway and then heads inside... he is so happy to be there that he almost always forgets to tell me bye.... then his teacher stops him and says "say bye bye to your mama"... and then I get a kiss... I am so thankful that Pierce loves his school and his classmates...

Below is Pierce school picture... these are the only ones that we got (not like the states where you can get more to pass out) but this one will be in his memory book for a lifetime... a total keeper... none of the kids are smiling but they are all sitting still (hands in laps) and looking at the camera (or a close proximity to).... wow... they even changed his clothes for the close up picture.... Thank you Kid's Corner for being a safe place for my children to learn, grow and make new friends... I am thankful!

P.S. check out how big Pierce is compared to all the other children.

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Melanie said...

He's so precious! I hope when it comes time, J loves it that much too!!


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