Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our buddy and neighbor August turned 2!

Do you remember this little guy... August... our neighbor from Denmark... well he just turned 2!
Happy Birthday sweet August... Happy 2!

It was a morning full of friends, fellowship, food and swimming...

Alex and Pierce are best friends and worse enemies... isn't that the way it goes when you put 2 very strong willed kids together... they get so excited to see each other and do everything together but have the hardest time sharing...but they still love each other.

Pierce here is playing "fall down"... but I call it belly buster... ouch.

Pierce played with this exact airplane when he turned 2 (our party in FTW)... we brought it back to Singapore to play with and we thought it would be really cool if August borrowed it for his 2 year old birthday party.

Now my turn?

What a great morning... Thank you August for a great birthday party!

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Shelly said...

I love the picture of Pierce falling into the pool! He's such a water baby now!


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