Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bangkok... the city life!

The city of Bangkok is busy... lots of motorcycles, lots of people, and lots of stuff... I took most of these pics while sitting in the back of the van so sorry they are not the best but they give you a good taste of what the city looks like.

I like this picture bc they are smart with their red lights... not only do they have the yellow light but they count down for you until the light turns red.... and how long the red light will last... so for instance we had 2 seconds before the light turned green... very nice.
Here is the famous Tuk Tuk (taxi) that you find in Thailand... this one is a little nicer bc it belong to the hotel. I got Pierce a small replica of the Tuk Tuk and he sleeps with it now.
A lady on a bus that was right next to me... she smiled after I took the picture.

One thing I take for granted here in Singapore is all the cables are underground... it sure does make it look nicer.

A local lady making a living... sewing on the street corner.
Can you figure out what this building is? I will give you a hint... they sell my favorite drink.... a really cool building for this...
I took these pictures for the 4th floor of the Jim Thompson Warehouse... looking out over the city of some local housing.

Thailand has alot of beliefs and the snake is one of them... forget what it represents but it is everywhere and this huge statue was found in the airport on our way out of town.

Come back tomorrow for more pics of Bangkok.

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