Monday, November 2, 2009

As the seasons change...

As the season's change, what is most important remains... family, friends and love...

I received this quote in a card from my sweet sister-n-law Julie a couple of days ago... and it says everything to me and speaks right to my heart... we sure do miss the Fall Season but most of all we miss our friends and family back home too.

Thanks to all the loved ones in our life right now that made/make the holiday season special while we are here in Singapore.

Thank you ViVi and Grandad for the Halloween treats... Pierce is still eating the candy and playing with the snake (and all the goodies we got to share with our friends at the party).

Thank you JuJu and Uncle KW for all the goodies to help us celebrate Thanksgiving and get us ready for Christmas... Pierce loves his A&M Jersey and ABC Aggie book... and momma loves the clothes and the "twas the birthday of a King" decoration and blessing hand towel... love it.

Thank you to the Tracy and Neil Hunt (friends here in Singapore) for the sweet Halloween bag for Pierce... he loves the puzzles and football.. and of course all the candy. he loved the bag so much we had to us it on Halloween night.

Thanks to Ashley, Clint, Grant and Baby Edens for the wonderful care package... that made the "punkin bash" possible....(and mama loves her new dress... super sassy) You are super sweet to think of us during this time and you will forever be our Halloween Buddies (for we celebrated our first Halloween with the Edens clan)... we love and miss you.

Thank you all... we love and miss you so much (and Tracy and Neil we will miss you when you leave Singapore in a couple of weeks... but excited to see pics of the new one on her way..)
I pray that we make each of you feel as special as you make us feel... LOVE LOVE.

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Lisa said...

What a blessed life! Looks like you had a very happy halloween!

Melanie said...

I love deliveries :-) Look slike your loved ones like to send them too!!


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