Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bangkok... we are sad to leave!

Myself and 4 others had a wonderful time in Bangkok, Thailand the last couple of days. We left of Sunday morning and got back on Tuesday night and man did we shop... if you know me I can tear up a mall in one day but after a day or so I need a break... but I was encouraged by 4 others to keep going and we did... with smiles on our faces and soon empty wallets... Bangkok is a great place to find some good deals and some really cool stuff... This post is just to say goodbye to Bangkok and introduce you to the gang of wonderful ladies... the next blogs will have more pics of the city, of the shopping and more.

Our gang: Traci, Barbara, Kristi (our Leader), me and Lori.

Here we are shoved in the taxi (we had the same driver everyday and you will see him later... so sweet).

Kristi in the front seat... she hates this pic but it is a great pic of Mr. Boonya staying focused on the road in the rear view mirror... he was a great driver and he would stay with us while we shopped and get our bags and take them to the car....need me a driver all the time... I could do some damage.

Here we are in front of the Lins SilverCraft a well known sterling silver craft store... with our bags.

After shopping all morning in Silam Village we stopped to get some lunch... Kristi is missing bc she went to get her husband some tailored shirts and pants made...

One night while some of the girls went back to the night market (on the second night), Kristi and I stayed behind to get rubbed on... I found out that in the book "1,000 things to do before you die" it says you have to have a Traditional Thai Massage and so I did... you put on these Thai scrubs and they rub (no oil) and put your body in some contorted positions and continue to rub... oh so nice...highly recommend and one more thing I get to check off the "bucket list".

On our last day we visited the Jim Thompson House Museum... to find more information out about who Jim Thompson is go here. His house is amazing... he took 5 different houses from around Thailand and relocated them to Bangkok... he is a famous American Silk maker that disappeared when he was 61 years of age.

After alot of shopping we were very nervous how we would all fit back in the car with all our stuff... well this is how... Mr Boonya is one good packer...

Kristi (our fearless leader, the only one who had ever been to Bangkok before.. we would have been lost without her), Mr. Boonya (the best driver and if you are going let me know and I will hook you up with his details) and Lori (my good friend and prayer partner.... or partner in crime).

What a great trip... another place that I am not sure I will ever see again but a memory that will last a lifetime... where are we going next?


Melanie said...

I'm so jealous! I wanna come next trip...hint hint

Corrie said...

Fun! I hope I get to go back to Bangkok one day...

Renee Westcott said...

What a fun getaway. You do the coolest things.


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