Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I want for Mothers Day.... to be a Sponser Mom!

When I was in college I sponsored a child in Africa through an organization named Compassion... through all the hustle and bustle of leaving College Station, living with friends in Houston and getting my own place I lost my sponsor child Abdul. It is something that has grieved me for years and occasionally I think of him and how I have failed him in so many ways.

Well enough is enough.... I have never been more convicted than when I read these 2 post today from ladies that were united with their sponsor children:

Blake has been asking me for weeks if there was something that I wanted for Mother's Day... I came up with "not so good" ideas... but now I know... I can't wait to tell him tonight... I want to be a sponsor Mom again... I look forward to getting a new child on Sunday... and maybe someday we can meet him or her and have the same experience as Patricia and Melissa had this past week.

Wouldn't it be great... excuse me AMAZING... if all of these children had sponsor parents... and were able to rest there head on a soft pillow at night knowing that they would have food/shelter in the morning, someone that loved and cared for them and just someone that was praying for them.

God thank you for reminding me today of how special we are to you.


Jenn said...

Thanks for the post. We sponser a child in Ethiopia, but I am not doing a good job keeping in touch since we moved here. Thanks for the reminder. By the end of the week I will write him. (ask me on Friday about this- hold me accountable.)

Corrie said...

I think that's great, Camille. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift. Scott and I sponsor 2 children at the whopping total cost of $60 per month. (We do it through Christian Relief Fund.) It's amazing to think how you can change a child's life for so little. I cry just about every time I get a picture or letter from them. When we got a picture of the boy with his Christmas present, we were able to give Sophie a lesson in how God expects us to share our blessings with people less fortunate. It was great because she could actually see the child and his present. You're doing a great thing.

Liz*** said...

What a GREAT idea! I have been following these blogs as well and it is life-changing!


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