Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Does anyone know what this is????

Does anyone know what this is... Pierce has developed this red face rash thingy... if you take off his shirt over his head or touch his face or if any friction happens on his face (like climbing on the couch and he puts his head on the cushions) he breaks out in the red rash for like 30 seconds and then it disappears. He has had it for 1 week now and my Danish friend (that was a teacher back in Denmark) says that it is common and she is not sure what it is called in English but from Danish to English it is translated to "slap virus"... does anyone know anything about it...????

In this picture I just took off a shirt over his head and he got a streak above his eyes in the shape of a V and there is another line on his upper lip and red cheeks.

Has anyone seen this before? Do I need to take him to the dr.?


Pam said...

Hi there,
I used to own a daycare in the states, and this looks like Roseola to me. Does he have a temp? runny nose? I'd check it out's pretty common,and very contagious. Hope this helps, and hope he feels better asap!

Jordan said...

Oh no... Poor thing. Does it hurt/bother him? Hope it gets better!

Blake and Kendell said...

Hey Camille,

Look up fifth disease. Remember when I had parvo virus around Christmas? Well, that is the adult form of fifth disease. In children it is often referred to as "slapped cheek" and it is not serious, but it is contagious. If you want I will call our family friend and ask what she does when her kids get it. I know they have all had it and it is not a big deal. It's a virus and just comes and goes. I hope this helps! I know it is scary when you don't know what is wrong.



Perks said...

So sorry! Is it just on his face? I've heard of "slapped cheek" or fifth disease. One of mine had it once and I'm thinking it'll just go away. Keep us updated!

Lisa said...

Hey girl. Not to be redundant, but Ethan had Fifths Disease when he was a little younger than Pierce is. The dr. also called it slapped cheek disease, and said that's it's really only a concern when the child has been around someone in their first-second trimester of pregnancy. I remember he had a rash on his chest and back, and his face looked very similar to Pierce's. Good luck! Love you!


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