Thursday, May 7, 2009

Releasing Children from Poverty in Jesus' name!

"Our family now consist of Blake, Camille, Pierce and you now, Anju"!

Blake and I talked last night and we both agreed that this was a perfect gift for mother's day (read yesterdays post here for more info)... a gift that keeps on giving and something that we want to do for another but we know how powerful our God is and I am sure we will be humbled in how it blesses our immediate family as well.

With that being said I searched online for a new sponsor child today... and I immediately found him. I was humbled to notice that as soon as I clicked on sponsor a child today the country Indonesia popped up... it takes 20 minutes on a boat ride to get to Indonesia... could this be anymore perfect... I long to already meet our sponsor child and did not even know his name but I knew that I could hop on a ferry and get to him if I had to. After selecting Indonesia and the age range (young but old enough that I could write to him)... we found Anju!
I immediately thought of two things:

1) Our family now is Blake, Camille, Pierce and you ("Anju").


2) The song from Dream Girls... "And you, And you, And you... your gonna love me"... not only are we going to love Anju but we hope he loves us too.

Here is our Anju:
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Region: Asia
Country: Indonesia
Anju lives with his father and his mother. His father is sometimes employed and his mother is employed as a laborer. Anju works at home running errands. There are 3 children in the family.Anju is not presently attending school. Playing with cars and running are his favorite activities. He also attends church activities regularly.
Anju was waiting 6 months for a sponsor parent... it breaks my heart for all the children in the world that could just use $32 a month to make a world of a difference in their day to day life.
I will give up my beloved chai tea's at Starbucks for 6 days every month... Anju is worth it. Maybe I could give up 12 days and get another child?
I can't wait to watch him grow up and love on him through correspondence, finances, prayer and someday maybe even a hug.
If you have a sponsor child... I would love to hear all about them, pray for them, and thank you for making a difference in releasing children from poverty in the name of Jesus.


da momma said...

what a sweet present! he is beautiful!

Perks said...

Precious. We often pray for children that just need food or clean water or clean clothes. I'm reminded often of how as Americans, we take so much for granted.

We sponser two girls. Miniva (age 4) from Zambia and Loudwidge (age 6) from Haiti.

Please God, protect all of these angels!

Shelly said...

You are soo crazy! I love Anju too! You're crazy because of the song in your head from Dream Girls, not for sponsoring a child. We have a little clan we sponsor through World Vision. Ours are from Haiti, Zambia and Zimbabwe. I have a vision of having one for every person in our family. It's amazing how they just bill me once a month and I don't even feel it. How blessed we are in this country and what a blessing you are going to be to Anju! I can't believe there is a possibility you could meet him! THAT is awesome. What a sweet thing to ask for for Mother's Day. I selfishly asked for time. Time to myself where I wouldn't feel guilty. You're sweet. (And you owe me an e-mail!) :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the inspiration! Here is the child I just selected:
Milagros Rosario Vanessa Calderon Chavez

I cannot paste a picture here (?) but she is an adorable 3 year old in Nicaragua! Thank you again for spreading the word. Milagros is about to get a spot on my Facebook page to encourage my friends to sponsor a child too.

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Praise HIM... I want to thank everyone who has emailed or commented... your sweet spirtis are breath taking... And Praise God for you "anonymous" for taking that step to sponser a child in Nicaragua... May you be blessed by your giving.

Dave and Lisa said...

This is SO SWEET! I agree that this is a perfect Mother's Day gift to yourself! We sponsor three kids (one for each member of our family), and I love them, too. I am so grateful for organizations like Compassion that help us spread God's love all around the world! Happy Mother's Day!!


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