Friday, May 22, 2009

Gone mad for American Idol...

We just love AI here in Singapore... and most of you know the finale was this week... so it was on TV here in Singapore LIVE at 8am, it played again at 6pm and again at 8pm... so yes you got it... I watched it three times... I so wish I could have been there...I would have loved to see Kara show her stuff to the bikini girl, watch Fergie in action, hear the duet between Kris and Keith, be close to Cindy, get a sneak peek of the top 13 in action and of course to witness the amazing moment that Ryan said "Kris Allen".... oh what a great day.

Pierce was also a great fan... he went and got his microphone and joined in on the fun... who knows he could be the next AI in 2025 or so. :-)

Pierce too loved the duet between Kris and Keith... our favorite.... he even stopped singing so he could hear.

Trying to join in... Pierce sounded great... in his own little language... but he gets the microphone really wet... he likes to share his microphone with me but it is quite gross with all the spit and all.... so he gets it most of the time.

We love you Kris Allen... however we did like Danny the best, then Kris and then Adam... but think that America voted well this year...
You have got to check out this blog by Doxologies.... great reminder....about how humility wins out.


The Westcott's said...

We had to watch the finale on mute (we were on the phone with our contractor the whole time). What a bummer! At least Kris won! I was a big Allison fan throughout the season though. I heard (on KSBJ) Kris singing "God of this City" at a church event...he sounded as good as Chris Tomlin!

da momma said...

wow fun post! and thanks for reading Davids blog too!!
he is our wonderful pastor!


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