Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 24th BDay Sara May!

On the 29th of May my sweet friend Sara May will turn 24... Most of you know her but if you don't I urge you too... I am a better person having known her...and please help me in congratulating her on another year and how we look forward to many more.

Sara May,

Happy Birthday girl... each day of your life was not promised and I know that you deal with more challenges than I could ever imagine but I want you to know you are my hero. You have touched so many people in the first 24 years of your life that I can not even count. I love to walk into a store with you and a complete stranger will walk up to you and say 'hi Sara', that is about the time that you look at me and throw your hands in the air and say 'I don't know' (kind of like the picture below). I love it when someone picks on me (like Blake) and you will laugh your head off but I truly know how much you love me (and many others)... that is why we love you. I love the way you will play cards until like 2am, I am beat tired and you are ready for more... but if we do get you to go to bed you won't wake until lunch. I love it when you spend the night and want to sleep right next to me... although we can't get to close bc you sleep with like 20 blankets but you never move... the best sleepover partner a girl could ask for. I love the way you let me fix your hair and shave your legs and don't really care if I mess up. I love the way you make me smile and laugh with your contagious laugh but at the same time I know not to make you mad... I love the way you would pass me notes when we sat next to each other in church, I love the way you always told me when you were bored or if you were having a really good time. I love the way your face would light up during Special Olympics when you got a medal. I love the way you never let any obstacle get in your way, and if one snuck in you would press on and keep smiling. I love the way that just when I feel like no one calls me or emails me I get a call or email from you. I love that you have been in more newspapers, tv shows, doctors research, magazine articles than anyone I know but you don't consider yourself a star. I love how dependent you are in so many factors of your life but I would probably consider you the most independent person I know. I love how you were always honest about boyfriends I brought over to your house... you would say I like him or I don't like him (you like Blake:-) and most of them you nailed them on the head :-)) I love how you might not be able to tie your own shoe but you can croquet about 100 blankets in a month. I love how no one calls you Sara but we all call you Sara May. I love how frugal you are with your money (you probably have more than I do) that when we go out together you always expect me to pay (you know I will). I love how selective you are with friends but how you chose me to be one. I love how physically different you are than most people but you will be the first person to sit behind your brother Chris on a jet ski (I won't even do that). I love how you were the only one who got a standing ovation at your high school graduation. I love how it might have been 10 years since someone has seen you but they can always spot you out in a crowd. I love how no one ever forgets your name or your face. I love how your boyfriend that is hundreds of miles away still send your presents and cards. I love how excited you get when visitors come to stay. I love how you look at Pierce and say he is wild. I love our God for giving us you. Well lets just face it... I love you.

Today you are my hero... I look forward to celebrating 25...
Sara at Blake and I's wedding doing the napkin dance.

Pierce and Sara having shipley donuts together in Feb.

One happy family (Kathy, Sara's mom is not in the picture bc someone had to take the picture)... even Matilda Jospehina May made it in.

Happy Birthday Sara May!


The Westcott's said...

I wish I could know her better. Happy Birthday Sara May!

Jordan said...

I loved having the opportunity to meet/see her a few times in Houston. Happy Birthday Girl!

da momma said...

OH Camille you said it the best I cant even think of anything you missed! Sara May - you are OUR hero and we love love love you girlfriend! Camille you made me cry a river!

Perks said...

Happy birthday sweet Sara May!


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