Monday, April 8, 2013

Star of the week... again!

So proud of our little Big man.. He received Star of the Week for the second time... this time was from his classroom teacher Mr. Milford.

He was rewarded for "the excitement he has for the current theme at school".  Mr. Milford says that no matter what the theme for the class, Pierce is always on board and brings books to class, talks about stuff he knows about the theme, draws pics and brings in objects/toys to share that match the theme... and by doing this he encourages other kids to get excited about what they are studying.

We had told Pierce that if he got a star of the week he would be rewarded with something that he had wanted... well lets just say he was so excited... here it is...

And a celebration with blue jello and gummy sharks... and sprinkles.

So proud of our little man... was less than a year ago we were having so many problems at his old school (which we contributed to Pierce being bored and some personality conflicts) and now look at him shine... he is not perfect but he is a good 6 year old normal boy... we love our little Big man.
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Denton Family said...

Way to go Pierce! Grandma always learns so much from you.

Jones Family said...

Congrats, PD Bird!!!!


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