Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring is here... March fun!

Spring is upon us... and we are having a lot of fun... check out some random iPhone pics from March 2013.

The last post was of the Reptile farm.. here's is Pierce's drawing from the dinosaur walk.

Pierce got his first pimple... above his nostril... he's growing up...he will appreciate this picture later, right?

And this little man got a case of the runny nose... but still so cute.

Just a little cup of joe in the morning... (really tea but we like to act like adults around here)

The weather is getting great for the Hash's... daddy is taking off the jacket but the boys are still bundled up.

On an early hike in March.... we were seeing the first signs of spring... oh beautiful flowers come out... we have been waiting for you.

"Hey daddy, I think you are suppose to be settling me down not making me have the best time just seconds before I go to bed"

Mommy attended another going away party... just part of the game here as an expat.

And look who got another star of the week... and this time Mommy got her first one.  Pierce was picked by his teacher Mr. Milford bc he did an excellent job in school this week and mommy got picked bc I came to school and did a lesson on St. Patricks day packed with a lot of fun.

And look who got a high chair (Pierce's old one) and is having lunch with mommy... can't believe he is old enough for this... 

Look at me mom... I can pick it up and put it in my mouth... 

Just a normal day after school... 

Daddy is one happy Daddy... look who learned to hold his own bottle.

C.O.O.L Club is growing... God is so good... look at all our kids that love Jesus.

More flowers... 

On Easter our cool club kids had an Easter egg hunt... 

After Easter the infamous Cherry Blossoms arrived everywhere... and they are breath taking.

These pics don't do them justice... but they sure do make the streets pretty especially by covering up those power lines...

A great video to enjoy and get a little taste of Pierce's reading skills... these are a list of sight words that he is learning.

And another of our little ham reading you a story... We are so proud of our little man.

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Denton Family said...

those are all such great pictures of the boys. Asher is going to be walking before we see him next.


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