Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feb. fun in random order...

Here are some pics from Feb... that are random and fun.  Enjoy.

Pierce is the best big brother... loves to snuggle with Asher (have to check out the video at the end of the blog), read Asher books and give him lots of kisses.... and look at Asher's face, do you think he loves it?

One of my besties in Singapore.... had another precious baby... meet Jessa... 

My Korean teacher, Hanna reading to the boys one night when Daddy was away... she loves our boys.

Getting ready to have some food... and I was not fast enough so he was feeling a little down... see he does have moments when he does not smile all the time.
And our little one had his first public accident... at our favorite place.... Starbucks... I was holding Asher and he reached out grabbed my drink and spilled it all over the floor... I had no idea he had a reach yet... I was wrong... and since this day I have had to think one step ahead of him (oh I forgot about these times).

The sun has come out and the weather got warmer... see Pierce and his best friend Hope playing in the soccer pitch at school.

Meet our twins... cute huh... thanks to JuJu and KW for the great matching outfits.

Mom forgot to cut my nails... ouch...

And a post to come... Pierce lost a tooth...

Still in love with sharks... this bag of sharks go everywhere with us.

Sometimes I kiss Asher to much he gets a little grumpy... he he he....

More twinkies... Aunt Elly and Uncle Keith gave Pierce his and friends here gave Asher his.. the brainwashing is in effect.

Pierce had a spell-a-thon at school which started with a pre-test and then two weeks later he took the real test.  During our study time we invited friends and family to sponsor him and we raised over $100 for the animal shelter here in Ulsan.  We are really proud of Pierce and his spelling... the first time he missed 10 out of 20 and his final he got 19 correct.... people is tricky to spell.
Got a sweet package from friends in Singapore.. finally got my Korean Santa... can't wait until Christmas... Thanks GiGi and Traci.

This video will make you laugh... get ready... Pierce playing wii was really funny to Asher.

Sweet moment between brothers... I filmed this on my phone while watching it the baby monitor... Pierce will sneak into Ashers bed and cuddle with him in the morning, when he thinks I am still sleeping... this one is a keeper.


Denton Family said...

my most favorite post ever!

Jones Family said...

I love these videos!!!! Especially Pierce crawling in Ashers bed. Soooooooo sweet, Millie!


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