Saturday, September 18, 2010

Step 2... we are getting there.

Step 2... getting better but still so far to go... we now have temporary furniture provided from the company that is making our rent furniture... wow does that even make sense???

We will be renting most of the furniture but the good news is that it will all be new... yippeee... there are a few items that we could not rent bc we have high expectations... and one of those is the bed and the other is the TV/Stereo... and most of the accessories.

We have been working really hard at getting the boxes emptied and getting all the stuff in their new home. It is always alot of work to get a condo a home but it is worth it... we have only been here a couple of days and we love it already.

Here is our living room and some new patio furniture.

Oh and don't forget to check out all the new lighting and drapery.
Guest bedroom:

Master bedroom... there is nothing better than a temporary bed... yuck.

Pierce's room... he is the only one with black out curtains.. lucky little fart...

OK... I had to throw this in and I will not bare you the embarrassing story that comes along with this rug (but I have been corrected recently... it is called a carpet :-)). I found this carpet in the store and I had to have it... they quoted me a price and it was a no brainer and I had to have it.. would love great with my new stuff... long story short there was an extra zero on my receipt when I signed the slip... oh no... but Blake let me keep it... it is beautiful and will be with us for a VERY long time :-).

Dinning room/Kitchen:

Pierce so excited to see his daddy come home from work... and if you look real close... Daddy got a present too... a new TV/Stereo...

Can't not put this picture in... love this little boy.

Through the course of stage 2 we got our shipment from the states (all 800 lbs of it).. and everything made it in one piece and it all looks great in our new home... including this awesome run from Target on clearance... who would of thought it would have been perfect in our new kitchen. Now the trick will be keeping it WHITE.

Hallway to the Master... oh now disaster zone watch out.

More boxes to un pack... better get off the computer and get to work.

Things are great and we are all getting settled in.. Pierce seems to love the new place and especially since the arrival of the shipment.. he is loving his toys.
see you soon.


Melanie said...

Looking good :-) Can't wait ot hear more updates!

Renee Westcott said...

Oh the extra zero story is too funny. I can't imagine any price with an extra zero being much fun. I'm glad you were still able to keep the "carpet," it's beautiful. Fun to see your new home coming together

The Woodards said...

The condo looks great! I'm glad y'all are getting settled in.

Jenn said...

Looks great! The furniture looks better than in your old place. That carpet is beautiful. The rugs with flowers on them, did you get them in the states or here?

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

Wow it looks awesome! I love the white target rug (or should I say carpet) in the kitchen!

Shelly said...

okay, your new place is AWESOME! Making me want to come visit even more than I already did! WAY, WAY, WAAAY cool.

nurselauragail said...

Your place looks amazing! Did you purchase it or is it company housing? Did hubby accept the job because he/you missed Singapore or it was too good of an opportunity to pass up? What is the cost of housing there? Lastly, are you planning on hiring someone to work for you and have her live in that extra space? Im so curious! You live such an exciting life! What a great experience!


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