Thursday, September 30, 2010

Catch of the Day!

Trying to play catch up I noticed that I did not share with you alot of our time in Texas and some of our adventures. The "catch of the day" was one of my favorite days in Texas... Pierce got to fish for the first time. Thanks to ViVi and Grandad Pierce got to hunt for worms and we were so successful that Grandad climbed in the attic and got out some antique fishing pools... now please note that I have never once seen this fishing kit and/or can't remember going fishing with VIVI and Grandad but they were ready. We got about 100 worms and loaded in the car with our rods and tackle box and off we went to the man made pond there in Mira Vista.

There are alot of pictures but I had to share alot of them bc they are so precious and tell a GREAT GREAT story... you soon will find out why this day is one my favorites.

Here are ViVi and Pierce digging for worms.

We made it to the pond and we are ready to go... see Grandad with the tackle box... I don't even think Vivi knew that Grandad had this... Grandad has always had tricks up his sleeve and ready for action.

First things first... lets get all our tools out and get the worms on the hooks. Pierce loves worms and loves holding them and had no problem squishing them on the hook.

First cast of the day... I say "cast" lightly bc these rods were so old that they did not work properly but they worked so that is all that mattered.... we would see big fish and small fish right at the base of the platform.... are we going to catch anything?

I am sure this picture was right after we told him that you have to be patient and quiet to fish... which are not Pierce's favorite things to do...

These little fish were so clever they kept taking our bait... over and over again.

We only had two poles but everyone got a chance... here Pierce is still trying and Daddy took a stab at it.

More bait... those little stinkers... lots of nibbles but still no bites.

While Pierce was playing with the worms Grandad got a bite and called Pierce over to reel it in... the first catch of the day... look real hard and you can see the fish... the dobber is almost bigger than the fish... but we caught one finally.

One happy boy...

Still playing with it... this is got to be the best part for sure.

Now we have got to put it back in the water... this was not Pierce's favorite part... so sad but we promised to try to get him another... chin up son.

Just checking out the fish... and trying to find out happy selves again.

And daddy saved the day just in time by bringing in another fish... still small but a fish at that... and Pierce was back happy again.

Another one has to go back in the water... not so happy again.

Trying for another.

Before we know another one... now it is turn for Grandad to save the day with another fish... this is #3. Another small one but this time we decided to put it in a water bottle for a bit to let Pierce enjoy it. Do you think the fish was having a good time...

One happy boy... one not so happy fish.

Now here is my favorite part... Daddy got a call and Grandad was still fishing so I decided to pick up the pole and see what I could get surely there was a bigger fish out there... sure enough one cast out a little further than normal and I felt something big... I immediately made some noise something like "look at this"... and Grandad yelled the line is like 20 years old don't reel him in fast and watch the pole... we could tell this was going to be something bigger than the last but we had no idea... since I was the one with the pole instead of the camera we did not get any live shots of us bringing in the fish but carefully we finally got him on the deck. I grabbed the camera and got some shots of Grandad trying to get my hook (which was the size of a nickel by the way) out of this ENORMOUS fishes mouth.

Now I don't mean to rub it in... but 3 tiny fish were caught by men and then a lady takes one stab at it and brings in dinner... are we sure the cave men were not cave women...????

Here is a picture of when Blake got off the phone and realized what was happening... the picture is of Grandad and ViVi laughing as Pierce is telling Daddy how mom caught a big fish... and Grandad holding the fish in the water.

Now that is one great family picture... I won some points in my sons eyes that day.

Pierce was excited to let this one go... bc he got to help this time.

See you later big oh fish... until next time. Now you know why this was one of my favorite days... HE HE HE


Denton Family said...

One of my favorites as well. Love all the pictures and the story!

Jones Family said...

YOU GO, GIRL!!!!! Now, you know this is by far my fav story in a long time!!!! GO CAVEWOMEN!!!!!


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