Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How many people does it take...

How many people does it take to get a new condo up and running... Pierce and I (while daddy is at work) have been watching people come and to fro to get us settled in... first it was the lighting people, then the curtain people, then the movers, then the lighting people again, then the curtain people, then the flooring people, then the plumbers, then the appliance people, then the property manager, then the Internet people, then the cable people, then finally the air con people... tomorrow we have another appt. to see the appliance demo (these are some fancy appliances I can't figure them out without a demo :-)... how many people does it take.

Pierce is usually really good with all the people... gives them space but stays close enough to see what they are doing... and then when they leave he will ask where are they going and are they coming back... and when I usually say hopefully not (not that I don't like the person but I am tired of cleaning up after them).

A funny story today... when the air con guy came... he rang the intercom (which I now in the new place can see the person calling) and although I am still trying to figure out the system... when to push what button to let them up...I could see him but I could not understand him bc he spoke no English. And although it is safe here in Singapore I just did not want to let anyone up in our place... so I kept asking who are you with and what do you need... he just looked at the camera with a blank stare trying to communicate with me but I could not understand. Then I hung up... he rang again... I answered again... and you know how this story goes. He called again and the intercom rang... and Pierce said "NOW WHAT"... I had to laugh bc I am sure in the course of this week I have said that once or twice out loud... ooopppsss.

I know of 2 more appts. where people need to come in the house... so we are getting close to the end... our furniture will be delivered in 4 weeks... so one more month and we should have a more finished product... can't wait to see it all together.

Love to you all. Sorry no pics this time.

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Renee Westcott said...

Hilarious. I remember having contractors in an out of my house for about two months finishing up or fixing little things. Each one brought a new set of dusty boot prints. It drove me crazy!


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