Monday, September 27, 2010

1st day at Eton House...

Today was Pierce's first day at Eton House Preschool. He has been in a 3 day play program since he was 18 months but this is the first preschool program he has been in. We selected Eton House for many reasons but one thing I love is that each classroom has 3 teachers. One only speaks English and one only speaks Mandarin and the other is a Auntie (helper). He will not only being hearing his native language but Mandarin. The classroom is still a bit play based but very structured in learning language and skills.

The first day was not at all what I expected... We went to bed on time (a bit early) but Pierce decided to wake up twice during the night so I had to wake him up in the morning bc we were running late and he was so tired. He lounged on the couch for 30 minutes while I put together his new backpack (thanks to the Edens they gave this to him for his 1st birthday I have saved it for this day), his new nap sack (thanks to Aunt JuJu and Uncle KW) and his Pierce shirt (no uniform until next year). He was so tired he could not get excited about school. We made it out the door and had to wait for a taxi (they were all booked). We finally made it and all the kids in his class were outside playing... we got to go upstairs to his room and take all his bags in and look around. We did not get to take pics bc I had failed to ask permission and with everything I was carrying it was not going to work and Pierce was a bit clingy I think bc he was so tired.

All in all I left after 10 min. and he had a great first day. He painted 2 pictures for me and daddy and ate 3 helpings at lunch. That is all the teacher reported to me and that they were looking forward to having him back tomorrow.

He will be going all 5 days, 2 days leaving at 12:30 and the other 3:30. Blake and I were just talking tonight how we are excited for this chance of private schooling but it is hard to put him in a school for 5 days for me and to be away from him that long but I know this will be GREAT for him and we are excited to see how he grows and blossoms unto the man God has him to be.

I did not cry today... but now that I am writing this I am getting a little chocked up... He will start riding the bus (small van with a auntie and a driver) next week and he is so excited about this. When we talked about going to school he said he would go if he could ride the bus like a big boy.

We are so proud of him... maybe there will be more proper pics tomorrow or later this week... but I wanted to be real with you... we ran out of the door with one sleepy boy that was not interested in taking pics... tomorrow is a new day.

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Renee Westcott said...

How exciting! What will you do with your baby gone at school?! I dread the day.


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