Saturday, December 8, 2012

Solids for Thanksgiving!

Mom, Dad and Pierce were not the only ones enjoying solids for Thanksgiving... so was Asher... Here are some pics of his first taste of rice cereal.  Now this is just not any rice cereal... it is all the way from the UK.  I could not find organic rice cereal anywhere here in Korea so my neighbor's husband was going to the UK and he picked me up some... and Asher was not sure what to do with at first but seemed to get the hang of it after a few bites... He would take a bite and then suck on his fingers.  These pics were taken with my phone camera so they are not the best but you get the picture... we had cereal everywhere.  He ate cereal for dinner every night for about 5 days and then his BM's were acting funny so I looked it up and I was reading about a sign of when a baby's digestive system is not ready for solids is when the BM's inconsistent... so we stopped... we still have not started back but I am sure we will soon... it was a good first thanksgiving!

Check out the finger in the next one... nice and slimy.
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