Sunday, December 23, 2012

Meeting Santa at the clubhouse...

Santa was really coming to Ulsan... and the foreigners Compound at that and we had to go.. it has been years since Pierce has sat with Santa and this would be the FIRST for Asher... yeah we were so excited... The ladies really did a good job for this being the first year they did this... All the proceeds went to the animal shelter in town... you could buy goodies from Mrs. Karen (aka elf), buy some homemade goodies, get a picture with Santa and more.  The place was packed and we had to wait a long time but it was worth it... so much CHEER was in the room.

Pierce went and asked daddy if he could buy me a necklace... you better believe I wear that necklace (from Oriental Trading) with PRIDE.  We did learn that Pierce is a bargain shopper too... he went through all the necklaces that had one charm on a piece of string until he found a "mishap" and one of the necklaces had two charms and he told me later that is was a better deal bc for the same price he got two charms... that away son.

And you can't tell here... but it started snowing... you will just have to trust me and it has yet to snow again... it was a special treat... who ever ordered the snow did a good job.

Waiting his turn... so patiently.

His puppy dog eyes... when will it be my turn?

Soon... let me see your smile... lets practice...

Asher had a lot of fun meeting some new friends... and waiting to see Santa.

A great day.... another memory... 
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Dave and Lisa said...

Hi Camille! Forgive me for not checking your blog in so long. Good grief, I was wondering if you had your baby and here Asher is already four months old! He is such a cutie - congratulations! You guys are such a beautiful family. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! :-)


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