Sunday, December 2, 2012

Paints, friends and fun = Craft Day

Back in Singapore I had a good friend that often had craft day at her house and this time last year we were gathered around her dining room table making crafts for the holidays... this year as I brought out those crafts for decorations I thought about her and all the kids and then thought I should do that here with my new friends and make new memories.. so we did... and here are some pics of our fun day.  The moms and kids loved it so much that one of the moms is having the next craft day at her house... can't wait... enjoy our pumpkin and placemat making with friends...

I have to say I love these pumpkins bc since we have  lived in a small flat now for 5 years... any decoration that folds up completely flat and does not take up to much space is an A+ in my book... they are stuffed with a roll of toilet paper and when done with the decor nothing goes to waste.

After all the fun inside... we had to layer up and go play outside for lunch and more fun.

Some photos from a friends camera... a great day for sure... can't wait for December.

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Denton Family said...

I see one of our masterpieces. Thanks for having craft days. We love them!


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