Monday, May 7, 2012

Pierce got stung...

We had out first encounter with a honey bee... Pierce was at school and after recess went to grab his backpack that just happen to be making a happy home for a honey bee and it did not like the intrusion so stung our little boy... on the Left Hand at the base of the ring finger... The nurse called me immediately and said that since this was his first bee sting that they would keep a close eye on him but that he was so brave and did not even cry when they removed the stinger.  By the time he got home his hand a little bump on it and he was so proud of his bravery.  Pierce did mention that he cried at first but his friend (who happens to be a girl) that was close by ran him to the nurse and he said on the way to the nurse he stopped crying and was better.

Our brave little boy... I asked to see his bee sting and he gave me this pose... thank God he is not allergic to bee's.  I told him later that day that mommy has not even been stung by a bee and that he is one brave boy... he said "really"... and walked away... he was not impressed.

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Denton Family said...

What a brave boy mom!


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