Thursday, May 24, 2012

Celebrating Asher... Part 1!

A couple of weeks before we left Singapore... our dear friends put on a little celebration for Asher and our next journey in moving to Korea.  I have been putting off on writing this blog entry bc every time I look at these pics I get a little emotional... I am humbled by the blessings that God has given us as a family in each of these women.  We have shared many laughs, tears, emotions, memories and just plain living as an expat (good and bad) with each other... My life has forever been changed bc of each of these ladies... I could never have survived away from family and friends back in Texas without them (God provided).  I would love to write their story here and probably bore you with each of their life stories and the impact that they have made on my life... but lets save that for our next "tea time" together.    For now here are some of the faces of our sweet sisters and friends that have changed our lives and have loved us for who we are... and that will forever be a friend!

Meet Janet... the sweet lady that has been my "Singaporean" friend and has introduced me to terminology and foods and how to love Children's ministry.  I have served under her for almost three years in various areas in Children's ministry and I will forever try to be just like her... loving all children unconditionally.

Meet Wei Yen, Ellen and Tammy... from MOPS to ICS to serving others together... many cherished memories and in this picture alone we will all scatter all over the world (Malaysia, Denmark, and the USA) but we will always be friends...

Jamie... where to even begin... she and I are both not much for mushy gushy stuff... and she does not like for people to touch her... but this picture says it all... I got a hug... I love her.

Amy and Jamie... Amy just came from the US and is a sweet heart... I did not have much time to get to know her but she lived 5 floors under me and I enjoyed having her a neighbor and friend... and will continue to enjoy her as a sister... she has a heart of Gold.

Ashley and Soraya... Ashley always smiling and encouraging.  She has listened in times when I needed it the most and played some good music just at the right moments (HE HE HE).  Soraya is my prayer warrior... and gives the best hugs... she has prayed for baby Asher for years and has always given supportive biblical wisdom when ever I needed it.

Eunice and Lori... my sweet Eunice how I love your charm and smile... always busy this one and serving our God and looking at what way she can do more next.  These sweet friends gave me a Singapore book and all wrote something inside and I will forever remember what Eunice wrote "I will see you when I see you"... this is Eunice's way of saying not sure if we will see each other again in this world but Heaven for sure... and I can't wait sweet friend.  Lori... I can not believe our paths have not crossed before but I know we will cross again somewhere in this world... our hubbies are in the same business and have known each other for years... but I truly am the blessed one by her and sweet "hoarding" self.

Shannon and Shelly (you know the rest)... God blesses many by using these ladies... they are always smiling and listening... and have changed the world with their heart of Gold.  

Cheryl and Traci... I have learned so much from Cheryl but mostly to seek Godly wisdom... this sweet lady will ask questions and seek input from the wisest of women and hold tight to it... a humble spirit and servant heart for sure.  And where to begin with sweet Traci... we have so many memories and someone that when I look in the dictionary to find Kind/Sweet/Passionate... her face will be there.  I could go on and on about this one... but mostly she has taught me "to wear my big girl panties".

The hostess with the mostess... I love you ladies and this day is just added to the long list of great memories and blessings that you have given me.

And Gillian (in blue dress on the end)... I can not believe I do not have any pics of her but it was bc she was taking the photos... my sweet best friend... one that we don't even have to talk and we know what is going on with each other... I miss her like mad and am thankful that we found each other in Singapore.
And sweet Kristi (in the tennis clothes)... this is the perfect pic of Kristi always on the run and go... she is either exercising, loving on her children or serving in the church... go go go and always smiling and looking dynamite... oh if I could be like her when I grow up (he he he)... and she is also an Aggie... what else needs to be said.

Oh yeah... this post was suppose to be about baby Asher... maybe part 2... I just could not pass up the opportunity to introduce you to these sweet ladies and how much they mean to me and so many... I just wanted to make it about them... as it should be.  Love you girls... 

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Keri said...

Such a sweet post.....I so wish I could have been there that day!!

Keri said...

Love this post! I so wish I could have been there!

Denton Family said...

You ARE going to miss those sweet ladies. Most of us only have a couple in our lives and look at you with all those dear friends. They are missing you as well.


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