Sunday, May 27, 2012

30 weeks...

Age: 30 Weeks

Size: Cabbage (that is what Pierce drew on the board in the top right hand corner)

Gender:  Boy

Name:  Asher John Denton

Mom's Cravings: Anything spicy or sweet... cannot get enough spice.

Changes:  We had a lot of changes... the last time we did a progression photo was week 24 and we were in Singapore... from 24 to 30 we have left Singapore and now reside in Ulsan, S. Korea where Asher will be born.  We have packed up a house and made a new one... left friends and made new ones.  Excited to be here and ready for the next adventures.

Pierce's comments: "Hey mom... I want baby Asher to be out already", "what do you mean... so you can play with him", mom said.  "No, bc you are slower when he is in your belly", Pierce said

Dad's Prediction:  That Ulsan, S. Korea will be a great place to have baby Asher and we will all be taken good care of.

Movement: Right before we left Singapore we had one last ultrasound with our doctor and he told us that baby Asher was head down and facing backwards but straddling my spine in a frog like style.  Not sure if I described that appropriately but imagine one leg on the right and one leg on the left... so at times both sides of my stomach are bouncing with excitement.

Sweet Moment #1:  There are several moments in the day where Pierce will ask "who is going to teach Asher that".  They are usually revolved around the thought of Asher breaking one of his toys, or where to put his drink in the care, or how he is going to go to sleep, etc.  I think Pierce wants to make sure he is not in charge of that.  Little does he know.

Sweet Moment #2:  Not that many people have felt Asher move bc right at the time he is going "crazy" and moving all around I will say "Hey Pierce/Blake come and feel" and as soon as I talk it is over... I am hoping that he is already sooth by the sound of my voice... 

Date of Arrival:  Late July 2012

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Denton Family said...

theres a lot of change going on in your life. Asher is going to be one of those kids that adjust well to any situation...just like mom.


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