Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday in Cambodia... saying Goodbye!

Our last and final day in Cambodia... is it really over... I wish was back there this very minute.  Welcome to Thursday... a day full of tears...
Here is our trusty driver... he was amazing and kept us safe and on time the whole trip.  He was a joy to be around and he was happy to share with us his new marriage to a beautiful bride.  We knew we were thankful for him but especially when we got to the airport later that day and meet a group of college students that had a similar van to ours (no seat belts and 7 passengers) and they were in a horrific car accident that killed the driver and co-pilot and several of the students were injured and were being taken back to Singapore (where they were going to college) to get further care.  We are so thankful for a safe trip.

Our gang with all of our loot... we had a great mission and we did some shopping too.

I will forever remember these people and remember the good times we shared and the stories they told... If I could only be half the woman/man these people are... I will be doing good.

Here is a random street... but here is a better shot of the street that we were on when we had out flat tire... now you tell me that God was not all over that...

Teacher Mo is one of the teachers that has to share the office to sleep in with another male teacher... he has a hard time sleeping bc the other teacher stays up talking with his girlfriend... but Mo never complained just gave his friend a hard time... so my gift to him was a clean pair of ear plugs... sleep well Mo.

If we were away from the kids... this is usually what I was doing...

One of the Cambodian Ministries that IBC supports is Kingdom Creations... where they make mostly bags (that look like Vera Bradley)... if you know me you have probably bought one of these or been given one as a gift... on our way out of Cambodia we got to see the shop where these ladies make the bags... a great ministry where they are trying to teach women in Cambodia to sew and make income for their family... a great safe place for them to be and they are awesome and make some cute stuff.

Leaving Cambodia... what a great group of ladies...

Oh yeah... we had to do one more shopping adventure at a local market... oh boy...

This is what I came for... cow bells... they are known for here in Cambodia and along time ago this is how the farmers use to tag their cows... by ornate cow bells... I got me a couple.. they are so pretty.

And some old pipes for some substance that will stay unnamed... use your imagination... I do have to say they were pretty.

Our team (minus a few and plus some new ones) are going back in April for another VBS visit with the village... I really prayed hard over this but with the timing and some other key important reasons (you will learn soon) Blake and I thought I should stay here in Singapore and pray for the team while they are there... it breaks my heart to miss this opportunity but no matter how bad I want to go (selfish reasons I am sure) God is saying no... can't wait to hear about all the amazing things the team will do and so thankful that our church will get to love on that country again (and again).

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