Friday, February 24, 2012

Our family is growing by 2 feet!

We are thrilled to announce that our family is growing by 2 feet... and what a journey we have had up to this point and we can't wait to see all that lies ahead.  Back in Dec. (right before we were to leave for a holiday in the states) I was not feeling right... some of my favorite things were not tasting right and I knew the waiting game was soon to be revealed for that month.  More than 30+ months has the monthly waiting game not ended the way we wanted and when this one came I did not believe it at first.  I found out with 2 little pink stripes and Blake was in the process of kissing me goodbye as he walked out the door... so I decided to wait until he came home that night to surprise him.  That whole day was like a blur... constantly praying and thanking God, telling myself over and over that it was real (I think I looked at those 2 pink stripes like 20 times to make sure I was not seeing double), and patiently/excitedly waiting for Blake to get home.  After dinner and putting Pierce to bed I handed Blake a bag that had a new pair of baby booties in them (the same ones above).  This is how I told Blake 5 years ago we were pregnant with Pierce (after 8 months of marriage he was a little confused)... but this time he knew exactly what was going on and reached over and threw his arms around me.  We were beyond thrilled and so thankful for this Blessing.  I have always said that it takes 3 to make a baby and at different points in the past 3 years, 2 of us (different depending on the month) were working really hard.  However I was wrong... it actually took 4 of us (now don't get me wrong God is the miracle maker and the only one that really counts but for the story purpose... it took 4 of us to make a baby)... regardless God has perfect timing and we are so thankful for our little one.

We landed in Texas about 4 days later and could hardly wait to share the news with the family.  We had yet to tell Pierce but wanted to share with the family so everyone could start praying and join in our excitement.  We thought the best way to share with the various family members the big news was to take a picture of Pierce holding a sign saying "I'm a Big Brother"... so here it is... I wish I had a camera each time we shared this picture with a family member or friend... great memories for sure.  Pierce can not read yet so he was clueless as to what he was holding but he will do anything for a piece of candy... already a good big brother!

We had a blood test in Singapore to ensure that all the levels were good but when we got to Texas we called our doctor there and told him the good news.  He was a bit sad that he did not get any part in this one and was not going to since we lived overseas... so he said why don't you come in and at least let me show you your first picture of your little one.  So you better believe we were there as fast as they would get us in... and here is our little olive/oliver (back in Dec.)  The size of the baby at the time was an olive (and I liked the sound of that but Blake soon said Oliver).
At the doctor visit is where we got to tell Pierce the good news... that he was soon to be a big brother... we let the ultrasound and doctor do the talking at first (he was not sure why we were there) and afterwards we asked him if he understood what just happened... and I will never forget this moment.  We had him in his car seat all buckled in and daddy in the driver seat asking him this question and me in the passenger seat turned to look at him... and to answer the question Pierce picked up his hands in little fist by his side (shaking them a little) and with a big smile and tons of excitement said "I'm going to have a baby".  He has been thrilled ever since this moment and has often told complete strangers that he was going to have a baby or be a big brother.
We are all besides ourselves and can't wait to meet our little one in early Aug. 2012!


Michelle said...

Such wonderful news Camille! God is good!!! Sending you thoughts and prayers from CT! Hugs!

The Reiersons said...

Congratulations Denton Family!!! I have to say I was a bit curious when I saw your recent Pintrest activity ;) SO excited for you and your sweet family!!!

erin said...

Wonderful news!

Renee Westcott said...

So wonderful to see the announcement in I didn't dream it or anything! I'm still so so so excited for you!

Jones Family said...

Stop the tears! What a precious story, Mille. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! PS...Shelby regularly plans weekend trips to see his buddy Pierce in Signapore like "can we got to Singapore this weekend and do XYZ with Pierce?" When I told him you were having a baby and Pierce was going to be a big brother we just HAD to come over and see what's going on and congratulate you guys! It's made me smile every time he does it thinking how easy it was when they were in their strollers to just pop around the corner and chat like that. :->

tjsing said...

Yep! I was crying too. Kaelan was trying to figure out what was wrong with me because he couldn't figure out why Mille having a baby in her tummy and Pierce being a big brother was so sad! He obviously has not experienced tears of joy because those weren't sad tears! Love you guys so much. GOD IS GOOD!

Perks said...

Oh, Camille! Praise GOD!!! I have been missing from the blog world lately but when I saw your facebook post, I had to come read your blog! Pierce's reaction was awesome! He'll be such a helper and will seem HUGE when your sweet baby angel comes along.

My girls were both born in August. It's a great month to have a baby!

Praying for you and will be back checking for updates. Thank you, God, for your goodness and provision!

Corrie said...

Camille! I'm so glad I stopped by your blog today! What wonderful news! I'm so excited for you guys and will be praying for a healthy baby and healthy mommy. Can't wait to read more about your pregnancy and your precious little punkin!


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