Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Sergeant Pierce!

Happy Birthday Sergeant Pierce... we are so proud of you a little man of 5 years.  Oh how we have enjoyed watching you grow up to the little (BIG) person that you are.  Since your last birthday party you have asked for an Army birthday party and boy did you get your wish and what a great day it was.

Here are some of your accomplishments this year:
-  You have completed your first proper school year (and still going strong) at ICS.
-  You have been potty trained since you were two but at night you still wore a diaper... and for months you have not needed it but you refused to not wear one.  But after your birthday party you decided that enough was enough.  With two diapers left in the drawer you said you did not need it any more and you were right.
-  You are a great joke teller... Your grandparents started this with you and you love it.  Everyone you talk to on a daily basis you have to tell a joke to.  Some are real jokes and most of them are just ones that you make up.  And you are so loved by many that they just laugh and it makes your day.
-  You love and adore anything army/military and anything that is camo... we were hoping that you would like the hero aspect of it all but you really just like the fighting aspect... we are working on that they fight to protect our country so they are heros (you are not intested in the why part right now).
-  You found out this year you are going to be a big brother when you are 5 1/2 and you are thrilled and talk to your baby all the time reminding him/her that you are their brother and this is your voice... so cute.
-  Your best friend is Alex and you would love to be from England like he is... when you spend time with him you talk in your British accent which is so cute.
-  You have really become a good swimmer... it is still not your favorite thing to do but you have gotten really good at it and now can swim in the deep end all by yourself.
-  Sometime this past year you decided that you wanted to stop swimming class, taekwondo class but wanted to keep doing soccer... and this was a great decision that you made bc you have become really good at soccer... scoring goals and being goalie... your favorite is being goalie and you are really good at it when you pay attention (:-)).
-  This year among any other you are the best helper... all you want to do all day long is help... help Tita in the kitchen, help clean, help mommy pick up, help mommy with school stuff, help mommy at the church office, help mommy when ever I need help, help daddy build something, and more... all we have to say is will you help and you are there and we love you for it...
-  You love math... you come home from being at school all day and ask if we can do math homework (which you don't have homework yet) but we just pretend... oh the day is coming soon.

We are so proud of you and have really enjoyed watching you grow into the person that God has for you to be... keep strong buddy and thank you for all the joy you bring to our lives.

Pierce's birthday was in Jan... but his party was just a couple of week ago... we had to wait to get back from our trip to the states and for all of his friends to get back from their vacation as well... it is always fun celebrating your birthday for months and months (he got that from his mom).

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa's christmas present this year... it made a great station for the kids to play in... oh what fun.

Our friend Jennifer made the cake again this year... so cute and yum yum good.

Pierce was so happy that this day had finally come... he was thrilled to see his friends and get presents of course...

Kids are already outside getting wet and the parents are inside staying cool...

This is just the beginning come back for a lot more fun and games... see you soon.

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