Saturday, February 25, 2012

13 weeks...

13 weeks... introducing our little Peach (this was taken about 3 weeks ago).  The baby is usually referred to the fruit that is equal to its size... this week the baby is a size of a peach... and boy did I feel it.  Watch our progression... fun times ahead... I got huge with Pierce so you never know... this could amuse us all.

Age: 13 Weeks

Size: similar to a peach

Mom's Cravings: anything salty or spicy and the occasional ice cream

Pierce's comments: This is awesome... I want a Brother

Dad's Prediction: Baby #2 will be a boy

Movement:  None that I can feel but during the ultrasound there are lots of hiccups and lots of movement

Sweet Moment:  In your latest ultrasound you were sucking your thumb

Sweet Moment #2:  While standing in a taxi que, Pierce and I were second in line and a man and his son were in front.  Pierce out of no where said to the man "excuse me... my mom is having a baby"... well you can imagine the look of concern that immediately flashed on the man's face and I was quick to jump in an say "not yet"... lets just say the man was thrilled but Pierce was a little confused.

Date of Arrival:  Aug 6th - 11th due date

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Renee Westcott said...

Can't wait to see that belly grow grow grow!

Jones Family said...

I'm so glad you're doing this!!!! I've seen this idea and I think it's precious! I love it!!! Can't wait to watch you grow....watermelon bound? hahahaha

Jordan said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for y'all! I am so excited to see you weekly posts and to find out the gender!! Hope all is well!

da momma said...

SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Pierce is such a model! Love watching your adventures! What a life girl!! God is good!


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