Thursday, May 6, 2010

Disney at NIGHT!


We stayed at the park all day (several of the kids skipped their quiet time) just so we could do every ride and of course see the fireworks at night... us moms had tried to plan the perfect day/night be ending the night with a train ride that started at the front gate and went all the way around the park... we got there about 45 min. beforethe fireworks... only to be disappointed by this sign (thanks Lori for getting the pic).
We were sad that we could not ride the train today but we made the most of it... well at least some of us did... Cade was sick from so many sweets... happens to the best of us...

Disney at night.... so fun! All the kids were waiting patiently for what we thought would be a 5 min. show... oh boy were we wrong... it was so good and lasted at least 15 mins.

Check out this video for a little taste... I was holding Pierce (45 lbs) on one side and hand my other hand extended out to get this video... sorry so wobbly at one point Pierce was like dancing to the music that was all around... keep watching bc the end is the best.

After the show we headed back to hotel for a good nights rest so we could do it all again tomorrow... oh boy...

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