Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fort Siloso

We found a new treasure in Singapore... Fort Siloso at Sentosa Island... oh boy so much fun.  I am playing major catch up here seeing this was back in November or I would write all kinds of stuff about this place... but to save time I will say... YOU MUST GO... so cool... 
This little bus drops you off at the entrance after buying your ticket.. all of these buildings and canons are the original pieces (with a little paint and maintenance) from WWII.

Throughout the buildings there were wax figures showing you what it would have looked like back in the day... here a soldier is carrying the ammo from the storage facility.

This picture was taken from one of the lookout tours that was looking for Japanese ships (that is when the British were in charge).

I forget what they called this room... but something like the surrender room... this is when the British Army surrendered to the Japanese... the original picture is on the plaque... it was a bit eerie in this room.

Pierce was so into all the details... he even would sit down and watch the movies... some we would have to leave quickly they were a bit to gory.

Here is another view of when the British Army were in the same room with the Japanese and papers were being signed for the Japanese to take over.

Back outside to see the canons... the first picture were the British Army's canons and the second ones were the Japanese... the Japanese ones looked a little more sophisticated (to our uneducated eyes).

We of course had to take a picture of the British Flag.

These canons were from Cambodia.

Sleeping bunkers... some had to sleep in hammocks.

In one of the look out towers there was this boat reference sheet... Warship Identification Chart... Pierce wanted one of these....

A fun day for sure... since this day Pierce has gone back again with daddy... a favorite for sure...

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