Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flat Turkey...

We had so so so much fun with ViVi and Grandad and you will get to see a lot more of our fun... but here is just one activity (among many... or should I say projects) that they helped us with... I think they missed all the school projects... and I might add they still "got it".  One day Pierce came home from school with a "project" to make a flat turkey and to disguise it as one of our family members so it would not be eaten by anyone (for thanksgiving of course)... so what do you think we made.

Meet "Mr. Army Flat Turkey"... with a little materials from mother nature and in our house we had the best looking turkey around, and dressed in camo no one was going to find him to eat him... so much fun.  Thank you ViVi and Grandad for the help (they even went outside with Pierce twice to get the right leaves for the project) and the memories...

One proud boy... he was so happy.

Here are all the finished products in his class.. there was a Santa one, a chef, a taekwondo instructor and just some pretty ones.... so nice and a great fun time.

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Denton Family said...

That is sooo cute!


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