Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Orchids... how I love you!

This one is for my mom... would you ever believe that I can grow orchids (with Tita's help of course).  My friend Jane gave me this when we moved back to Singapore a year ago and it had flowers then... they say Orchids only bloom once a year and sure enough early this summer it was showing signs of blooming again... and within a couple of weeks we had 6 stems of flowers all at the same time.  It was beautiful and lasted about a month... those 6 stems fell off after a month or so and now it has 2 new stems of flowers... love it...

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Denton Family said...

When Julie returned from Singapore, we all bought Orchids. Mine and Elysse's have since died. Can you please come home, and bring Tita and help us please?

Jones Family said...

Congrats to you & Tita...I'm jealous


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