Monday, September 5, 2011

Flashback to Easter...

More pics that I found... man not sure where these were when I was blogging about Easter... too good to pass up.. so here we go a Flashback to April... Happy Easter (again).

Here Pierce is sitting on the counter waiting for his "resurrection plant" sent from Nana to grow while eating seaweed... This plant can live for hundreds of years with no water.  It was all shriveled up and the you add water and it grows and then you take a ways the water and it shrivels up again.. pretty neat.

Sometime around Easter we invited the Cowdy's over to dye some Easter eggs... more fun ahead...Pierce is still in his PJ's... HE HE HE

After coloring the eggs we got to decorate them like dinosaurs... rooaaaarrrr.

Even the older kids got to have fun... for some reason Easter feels extra special when you have friends around...

Take a look at all the Easter colorings on the frig... we really had a great Easter holiday full of fun...

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