Saturday, September 3, 2011

1st day of school... at ICS!

The day we have been anticipating all summer long... has come and gone.  Now I do have to be honest here at the beginning of the summer I was asking our parents, friends, and anyone who would listen... "Just how do you entertain a 4 year old all summer long"... I remember growing up playing outside and going to camps... well our outside is not the same here as it was when I was a kid and knew we would be swimming a lot but what about all the times that Pierce was tired of swimming and going to the zoo... so then what.  You got to see a lot of our summer and know that we stayed busy with friends, visitors, trips to the zoo, trips to museums, the library, some art boot camps, and just plain ole hanging out... which was a lot of fun and Pierce and I really enjoyed each other (and daddy too when he got home for work... bummer that he could not take off the summer as well).  So when the first day of school started I found myself once again asking people "what am I going to do with my time?"... well Pierce and I (and daddy) have figured it out again and the school year has started off a success.

The first day of school Pierce was very proud to put back on his uniform, back his back pack, grab his snack and get on the bus... but that is something I forgot to tell him that he was not going to take the bus the first day bc mommy wanted to take him... after I told him he was still happy :-)... so off we go.

Here is the picture as soon as we found his table and he was getting to see his new classmates.  Pierce in K-4 (Pre-K).

Look even mommy is excited (thanks Ashley for grabbing the camera and capturing the excitement).

After all the kids were gathered in the canteen area... the parents went upstairs to the gym for orientation.   The kids were to sit on the floor with their teachers and parents in the back... Here is a picture of Ms. Wong (Pierce teacher again this year) taking the kids to their room.

Already walking with purpose... he was on a mission and would not look at me.  The second kid behind Pierce is Lydia the only girl out of 10 children in Pierce's class...

Us parents were to leave the campus after orientation, so we did... and then left on our own to anticipate the children's arrival back home.  Here is Pierce's bus coming to drop him off... I wonder if he had a good day?

Running to me... so far so good...

How was your day Pierce... "Great".

Such a big boy... he has been in school for 3 weeks now and every day learning more, getting use to the expectations and mommy is getting use to not having her little buddy around every day... but I am starting to figure out what to do with my time...

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Denton Family said...

I can't wait to hear what mommy is going to do. Love you

Jones Family said...

And what would that be????? Curious minds want to know. Blogging is clearly one of them, I see.

Glad he's having a great time in his new classroom!


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