Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A friend turns 3 in style...

Pierce's friend Chiara turned 3... and man was the party a blast.  She loves Lion King and her parents know how to throw a party Lion King style.

Here is Pierce at the beginning of the party at the entrance of the palm trees made out of balloons... he looks like he is just not sure... wonder what he will think at the end... (he looks so grown up in this picture to me)

There was a bouncy castle for the adults  children... Pierce stayed right beside my leg for the first 10 minutes bc the place was packed with kids having fun and he just was not sure... we were a little late so the fun was already in full throttle...

Check out this cake... wow weee... I do have to say Pierce wanted to eat Simba's foot..

I did not get a picture of Chiara the 3 year old birthday girl (I know what is wrong with me) but here is her sister Gian fully painted up...

Then Pierce and I noticed the face painting station... or arm... and he wanted to stand in line (for 20 minutes no joke) to get painted on... this face/arm painter was awesome... check out this princess... wow

He was such a good boy 10 minutes in to the line that I told him that he could go play while I stayed in line... and this is what he choose to do... is this my kid?

And then he made a friend and this is where he went next...

Pierce, now it is your turn for some painting... are you happy?

So he sits down and says he wants something camouflage... the sweet lady looks at me with a question in her eyes and I say "something military".  And then I ask Pierce what do you want camo... jet, plane, helicopter, etc.  And then he says "Camouflaged Apache Helicopter"... and then she looks at me again with a question in her eyes... and I say just a helicopter will do... and this is what he got... pretty good huh?

Now there is the birthday girl in front of cake with her parents behind... we love you Song's and thanks for a great bday celebration... one we could never top but so glad we were invited too :-).

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Denton Family said...

That's a lot of kids and was that bounce house indoors?

Jones Family said...

WOW!!! What a party!


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