Saturday, June 18, 2011

ICS Music Show... we have an entertainer!

Our little man... what a ham... here he is at the ICS Music Show for Spring 2011. Juju was here for the show and daddy got to take off early from work... so he had his fan club. I do have to say we did not know if Pierce was going to be in the show bc he was acting up in Music class and a couple of weeks before he knocked over the xylophone and we got an email from the principal saying that if he had another instance where he acted up his discipline would be that he could not be in the show. Pierce had been singing these songs weeks before the show so we were hoping and praying that he put on his game face and behaved... sure enough here he is... front row and all. This is JK, Kindi and 1st grade performing.


Got a little more movement than his classmates... wonder who he gets that from???

Here he is deciding to have a conversation with his friend Sylvia next to him rather than sing the song.

Good job buddy... we love you!

Now time for the videos...

Run in Place Song

ABC Song

Jelly Bean Song... we heard this song over and over for weeks

Hope you enjoyed the show... we sure did.

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