Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Step 3... almost there...

Our new home here in Singapore has come a long way... here is step 3... almost final... but don't tell Blake bc he was ready for all this to be over weeks ago... he he he. And just a little side note here... decorating is just something I have always enjoyed doing (and something my mom has passed down to me... I am by no means as good as her)... and I am totally aware of how this blog could be perceived so I just want to be clear about how the last 2.5 years in Singapore my family and I learned that you don't need alot of STUFF to make a home a home and we enjoyed our last house with only a few items... When we returned back to Singapore I knew we would find a home once again here and this time I just wanted our home to feel homey too... can I get an Amen... so here we go.

To check out the before pics go here and here for step 2.

Here is our Entry Way... still needs some more decor items on the buffet and I need to hang the pic but we are getting there... even with Pierce's scooter in the corner... I love it. You will see oil paintings through out the house that came from different countries that we have visited while living in Singapore. We got this painting in Hoi An, Vietnam.
Welcome to our living room... with one of the biggest couches in Singapore. Not sure if you can tell in this picture how large it is but check out the 5 back cushions. Also the wall hanging was so BIG in our last place and looks so small here. We could not find the perfect couch for this space since the door opens on one side and sliding glass doors open on the opposite side... and Blake and I both wanted to be able to lie down on it to watch a movie... so we had it customed made and this is what the came up with... the couch is in 3 different parts and we love it. Note we still need a coffee table and it is coming on Friday.
Side table... and painting we bought here in Singapore of a Chinese Temple door.

Opposite of couch is the TV area.. and reading chair. I just adore the ottoman... but Blake is not digging it.. he says it looks awkward there... what do you think?

Patio #1... don't expect big things for Patio #2 it is still empty... and might stay that way... :-)

Dinning Room with painting from Bali...

Hall Restroom...

Pierce's room... blast off... he loves his painting so much he takes them off the wall and plays with them... hope they last.

Bathroom between Guest Bedroom and Pierce's room.

Master bedroom... thanks to my parents for our early Christmas gift (all the bedding, pillows, throw) we have a bedroom that we absolutely love... there is just something nice about having a room to call your own...we love it... thanks ViVi and Grandad.

Recently I went shopping with a friend and I had to have this cute little antique Chinese "ladies chair"... so cute and dainty... It is definitely made for a little lady.

Queen necklace and King Crown...

Painting from Bintan... and the flowers are so potent you can smell as you enter the condo.

Our spare bedroom... and our room that needs help... you will hear all about the cat that we are watching fora week and this is her room... and the baby bed does not mean we are prego (calm down grandparents) we are just storing this for a friend for a little bit... :-)
Our home is feeling homey... we love it and can't wait for you to see it in person... come on over.


Jenn said...

Looks great! I love your furniture. Our new condo will be decked out in Ikea stuff since it's not ours, it's being rented with the condo. Where did you get the wood carving that is above your bed. i have been wanting one of those. also do you have some places to buy Chinese furntiure? We have more room now and have places for good quality furniture.

Denton Family said...

It's sooooo you and soooo different from the last condo. It's beautiful and we cant' wait to visit.

The Reiersons said...

Your place looks great Camille - want to come over and decorate our serviced apartment (kidding, it is hopeless - he he). I also love the wood carvings above your bed and the garden stool used as a side table in the living area. You have great taste and I just love that you have paintings from all your trips - what a fabulous idea!!!


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